Luxury Villa for Rent in Lucca

Lucca (in ancient times: Luke) is an Italian town in Tuscany with 89.046 inhabitants (31 December 2015). The capital of the province of Lucca is located in the valley of the Serchio River, about 20 km northeast of Pisa and 20 kilometers east of the coast of Tuscany. In the 13th and 14th centuries Lucca is one of the most important European cities. Looking for a Luxury Villa For rent in Lucca? This is the place for you. Of great importance, especially in the textile industry. Great nature, Roman churches and medieval towers testify to the former importance of this town. Four broken door of the castle, founded in 1504 and completed in 1645, the plant is still well preserved today, a long time one of the most important in Italy, with tree-lined boulevard in the city center.

Ancient Etruscan Lucca, overlooking the Serchio valley, the first historian Livy was and where Tiberius 218 Bq Hannibal stop ..; Doubts about the reliability of the results of Libya, because although it is a constant struggle with Liguria, Tuscany only 180 against. Chr. re talking. While Lucca (180) and Luna (177), as a colony, and finally dominated than is possible in this room and take the land Apuan Rome. .. For the Lex Julia ’90 BC, became a municipality; Dzhuls sizar was held below 56 against. Chr. known in an interview with Pompey and Crassus. At this point, Lucca was one of Liguria, not the Etruscans. A moment later, a colony led triumvirate of Octavian, when it is not clear after the battle Filipi, or after the Battle of actin.

In August, a division of Lucca, Italy won the seventh region (Etruria). Small spheres of different seasons FLORENTIA to known methods (cm) via Clodia Luna Pisa. Although robbed Odoacer and steal part of its territory, Lucca appear at the time of Narses were 553 for three months as an important city and fortress. Lucca under Lombardy’s residence duke or marquis, who had the money. Dukes gradually expanded their power over Tuscany, but after the death of the famous Matilda, the city is not considered a special place. In 1160 he won the Duke of Bavaria and Tuscany Markgrafen Welf VI. in exchange for an annual tribute control over the area around the city. The richness and the influence of Lucca in the 13th century, largely based on the textile industry. Lucca is known, among other things, for silk, the color of fire in Europe is considered to be at the highest level.

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Internal divisions have Uguccioni Della Faggen Dante possibility of time in 1314 with the ruler of Lucca Lucchesi was released two years later and won a place Castracani Castruccio, which is under the tyranny of the short time experienced until his death in 1328 – his tomb is in the church of San Francesco – the leader of the Italian town. However, the political unrest in the early 14th century led to a lot of Lucca Dyers and weavers fled to Venice. City of Venice has offered refugee asylum policy and generous financial support, which makes their activities in Venice. While the alliance Lucca right to expect that the death of all citizens to use their textile company outside the city walls. Due to the financial situation, but many Lucchese state Venetian masters.

Louis occupied by the troops of Bavaria to sell rich Spinola Genoa Gheradino Johann Konig occupied Bohemia promised Rossi of Parma, they advanced to Martino della Scala of Verona, sold to the Florentines spent Pisa, relaxation rated Kaiser Karl IV. controlled and managed by his pastor, Lucca, the first time since 1369 that democracy in 1628 aristocratic patrician oligarchy of independence of the Republic not far from Venice and Genoa. Before the French Revolution, wrote the word Libertas on the panel. Political turmoil and 13 of the 14th century spoke of the work of Dante, who LeeCK (2007), basic education, where Inter Alessio Minelli, Bonturi Give and Bonagiunta.